In June 2019, I promised to provide you with some images from my travels to Vienna. Given that it's now April... 2022, it is evident that I lied (to myself, as much as anyone else!). While the plentiful supply of pleasing photographs may not have materialised - alas the Covid pandemic temporarily took the creative … Continue reading So…

Music Matters: Charlotte de Witte “Ultra Miami 2019” Set

Guess who's back? Back again? Ok I'll stop… So I'm back from my trip to Austria's charming capital, Vienna (separate article on that coming soon, with lots of beautiful images… of course) and I can't conceive a better way to get back into the "work groove" than with a thud… or several thousand of them. … Continue reading Music Matters: Charlotte de Witte “Ultra Miami 2019” Set

Music Matters: 2Scratch “Bonnie & Clyde”

Love can make you do some pretty outrageous things. Since first listening to 2Scratch's "Bonnie & Clyde (Feat. Vanessa Lark)" a week ago, I've been unable to pry myself away from my computer. Now my headphones have welded themselves on to my ears and my office chair is the proud owner of a 4" deep … Continue reading Music Matters: 2Scratch “Bonnie & Clyde”

Music Matters: Bolster “Acid Waves”

Bolster - "Acid Waves" For the most part, acid is something that should be kept well away from your ears… That said, sometimes - like when Belgian duo Bolster release a track so ferocious, it might burn a hole right through you 🧪👍 - you've just got to indulge yourself in a big, fat acid-fest. … Continue reading Music Matters: Bolster “Acid Waves”