Coca Cola Signature Mixers – A Classic Revival

Coca Cola recently announced its brand spanking new range “Signature Mixers” and beady-eyed fans of the world’s biggest brand may have noticed the slightly ‘unusual’ bottle…

A little background info

From its inception in 1886, Coca Cola was dispensed by fountains and sold by the glass; it wasn’t until much later, in 1894, that bottling the beverage was even considered.

The title of “Pioneer of Bottled Coca Cola” is credited to Joseph A. Biedenharn, a shop owner in Mississippi, who, having witnessed its popularity amongst punters, took the bold decision to sell it to his customers in a common glass bottle, known as the Hutchinson.

You see where I’m going here?

When Biedenharn sent a case of his bottled Coca Cola to the company’s CEO, one Mr Asa Griggs Candler, he was thanked, but no further action was taken as Candler believed that Coca Cola’s future was in fountains, not in portable bottled beverages – much to the dismay of his nephew!

In 1899 Candler grew tired of all the bottle-talk and offloaded the bottling rights to two Chattanooga lawyers for $1 *facepalm* and thus the official bottle (a straight-sided Hutchinson, with a metal stopper) of Coca Cola was born…

Back to the present day

Now we’re all used to seeing that sleek contoured cocoa pod-inspired bottle but I, for one, think Coca Cola’s decision to mark their newest venture into luxury mixers, with a nod to where it all began, is a clever move… after all, everyone loves a classic.

What do you think of Coca Cola’s latest attempt to woo dark spirits devotees?

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